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Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011

  •  Teach Web 2.0
    A compilation of Web 2.0 (web-based collaborative resources) for all content and grades

  •  Atomic Learning
    resource for ALL PK-12 students, teachers, and parents of Scott County students. Includes professional development, technology integration, software training and support via video tutorials to meet your specific learning need available 24/7.

  • Apps for the iPad
    Arranged by topic: i.e., English Language Arts, Math, Science, etc

  • Awesome Mobile Apps:
o   Moon Globe App: Turn the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a precision instrument for viewing Earth’s Moon. Satellite imagery and topographic laser altimeter data are combined to render the Moon with realistic lighting in real-time 3-D.

o   Project NoahHelp scientists with data collection. Post a new spotting, upload photos, tag plants and animals with location data, join missions and earn patches. The app also contains a field guide to help students identify the wildlife they find. The app is available free for both iPhone and Android.

** My Favorite… The Week in Rap
A free weekly summary of current events in a hip-hop music video for teens/students.
History lessons are also rapped. Songs and videos are written by Flocobulary artists.
Ask me how your students can create raps like these!

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