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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Audio Enhancement Systems for Teaching and Learning

Audio Enhancement Systems Linked to Improving Student Achievement 

Implementation of audio enhancement systems in 5th grade classrooms, Stanford Achievement Test scores improved in Reading, Math, and Science, 10% to 15%. 
The second and third year of audio enhanced classrooms showed similar test gains of 10% improvement over the previous years. It was also found that phonemic and phonological awareness instruction coupled with the use of audio enhancement systems reduced the number of students identified as at-risk learners. (McCarty, CEFPI Paper Presentation, 2003, and BYU Department of Human Development study, 2003)

Below is a  list of companies that do classroom audio well. Visit their websites to learn more. 
  1. SMART Technologies Audio Classroom Amplification System
  2. Panasonic All-in-One Portable Sound System
  3. FrontRow To Go and Pro Digital
  4. LightSpeed RedCat and TopCat 
  5. TeachLogic VoiceLink Plus Sound System
  6. Epson AP-60 Projector Sound Solution 
  7. Crestron FreeSpeech Wireless Mic Systems 
  8. Califone Infrared Classroom Audio Systems 
  9. Promethean ActivSound 
  10. Cetacea Astronaut Classroom and Projector Speaker Systems 
  11. Extron VoiceLift Microphone System
  12. Calypso  WCM-RF Classroom Voice Amplification System
       *Grants are available through Calypso for Classroom Systems
 *Thanks to Ken Royal

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